December planning works again…

It is now late February and the groundwork of November and December started to pay off in January.  Firstly we had Quick Books under control, we knew where the money was being spent and more importantly where it was being earned.  The second thing we watched was the customer base from historical perspective; “who did what projects, when”  – this allowed for customer service / sales calls to get ahead of certain projects.  Late January work was completed in mid-January, Feb. work in January.


By staying a little bit ahead on the sales and service side, all small businesses can move forward in a controlled fashion.  That way when a snowstorm hits or someone has an emergency, the issues can be absorbed more easily. 


Daylight is reaching around 12 hours, the golf courses we print for are selling memberships, the landscapers we create billing forms and Post Cards are getting the mailers ready, the restaurants we print Menus for are making their changes, The Real Estate Book and Community Values are easily discussed. 


T shirts – Golf Shirts – Hats – Team sports wear – Little League – Basket Ball Camp sweats - is hopping !!  


Spring is almost here.     H

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