May Flowers

In January we considered the prior year, planned out the next year.  Then in February we started to make changes, additions and subtractions.

In March we tweaked all the ideas, ditched the miserable ones.

April was watering and fertilizing – some digging, turning over all the stones – work.

Now it is May – The grass is green, the days are longer, time slows just a bit.

When You have worked really hard in late winter and early spring getting things in order – you get to enjoy the beauty of your work –

Great Start This Spring!

It is almost the end of April. We are swamped. Excuse the delay.

This is the good kind of busy. Old customers that we reached out to are back, new customers who we have developed in the last few weeks all have great ideas we can help with.

Our postcard mailers to all the local construction companies regarding our engineering copies has been the great success. Some had forgotten about us, others had made a switch and came back. Our willingness to help with drop off or pickup, email and scan is also working well for the Architects.

We have a great new customer from the Brookfields. It is the local newsletter. A well written and informative piece that keeps the locals up to date.

BT Copy and Print is venturing into the Co-operative advertising business. We knew we had to push and market ourselves better, whether it was for paper and business forms, cards and the like; or our screen printing and embroidery business, which is great fun. The Co-op advertising is a full color, glossy brochure that is being rolled out in Charlton first, then most likely to Sturbridge. We are working with our BNI referral network first, then we will expand.

Co-operative advertising lowers the cost for all participants and reaches every household in a town. Less expensive than a post card and creates the local push we all need. It is a win-win. We get exposure, our marketing partners get exposure and it is low cost.

Thx, H

Marching Forward

March is the month where rubber hits the road day after day. The weather improves, a sunny day comes along and everyone who you meet is happier.

We are now following up on post card leads, sending new email feelers. We are beating our drum.

Everyone we come in contact with, knows what we do and that we believe.

We practice what we preach. Logos on shirts, post cards in print and mailing services in motion.

Thank you.

February Push – Start Executing Your Plan

In December we review the prior year, looked at what worked and didn’t work. In January we plan a little more strategically, what are we going to specifically do.

AT our business,, we had a few things to do. It is February, we execute.

4) BT sent out its own post card – builders and small contractors / cleaners

4a) BT created and distributed through its rack system a marketing card. Simply telling people who we are and what we do.

4b) BT partnered up with Jim Stearns and We shared many customers and the businesses are pure synergy. We help small businesses and non profits. Jimmy Stearns does the same thing.

We are in full execution. We can help – Call Howard – Thx

So it is January

Small business owners are different – they are check writers, making investments into growing their business. They see the world as a group of peole who they can help and maybe earn some income. Not complicated.

#3a Be more efficient. Do what you do well and outsource the rest.

#3b Do more Marketing – all 3 types. Digital / Print / Networking. If you do not know there are 3, call

#3c Do your best not to squander time.

“2 legged stools always fall over” JackTF

December – Busy, Busy

This is the month where it all comes together.

#2a Take a look at the yar in review, see what worked well and do more of that.

#2b Look at all of the mistakes, do not repeat them.

#2c Look at next year and create a simple goal or 2, layout a plan and execute.

It is not hard, ask for help, move forward.