It is almost August…

It is almost August…  The summer slowdown has ended, the restocking of paper, forms, shirts and sweatshirts has begun.  The level of activity has always slowed in July at BT, the history shows it.  We have diversified a bit making it a little less frustrating.

You cannot take vacations away from people, everyone deserves time away.   We do a mid year inventory, see what is selling the most, see who hasn’t been in the shop for awhile, make some additional calls .. etc.

Those additional calls, really just a reminder, to customers who know us, that we are here, we have product and we want to help !   It is not a complicated story or hard work, just a little effort.   It always pays dividend’s to us and the customer.

From the first week of August to the first week of September, the momentum will be remarkable, production and value will race.  That will not stop until the yearly Calendars, Christmas cards and we run out sweatshirts every week.

On your mark, get set … Go.


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