From Thanksgiving to Christmas

BT has been very busy getting ready for 2014.  It all began in Early November doing some preliminary tax planning.  Our busiest months were behind us giving some breathing room.

From the printing front – the most entertaining project this time of year is our “Family Calendars”.  There are a handful of templates we use, people bring in old historical, travel family pictures, other times we  get dogs and horses…. it is always great fun.

From the T shirt and Embroidery front – customizable shirts for certain groups has kept us busy – aka – sports teams, town leagues, the bowling teams, motorcycle clubs, Sewing and Quilting groups.  The list is long.

From the Marketing front – Our Community Values Mailer has been great – some people see junk mail, others see expense – we see branding, name recognition and continued growth – not only from BT members and – but BNI members – the restaurant group and seasonal specialties etc.. Marketing is everything and everything is marketing.

We love the shop, we are thankful for the 28 yr foundation that was built by Helene and Bob Doucette, we are thankful for Gail and Dennis Craig, who seem to make most graphic design work better and the machines sing and dance, we are thankful to Jim Stearns and his T shirt enterprise and to Josh Elliott who took over and grew the business handsomely.

We thank our loyal customers from all over the area,  see you all in January.

Howard & Shelley

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