The clocks have been turned back.

At BT and I am T shirts we plan 50-60 days forward and work diligently now to complete our projects in a timely fashion.  We are not always perfect in either the planning or the completing … 

Somewhere between creation and execution – there are a lot of variables that can throw a wrench into the process.

Hence the 50 or 60 days … The changing of the clock, like the changing of the seasons is a good excuse to review, plan and execute.

– Buy your regular supplies in as much bulk as feasible.  (lower cost)

– Collect on your work as early as possible. (check book management)

– Always be willing to help someone with an idea or project.  (future relationship)

– Prepay debt whenever possible (lowers overhead)


We have a very good idea of  what January 1, 2014 looks like.

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