August Shuffle–just enough time to adjust for fall.

Inevitably school starts in the late summer, vacations end, tomorrow is here.  A little effort now ordering some supplies you need, checking over the equipment you own  – you will be ready once people and your customers can begin to think about their homes, their own businesses’ needs and wants.

Last 2 weeks of July and the first week of August are always slow. Similarly the same happens in around Christmas.  Then bang …

This week alone  -  10k of envelopes for September 1st, then letter head …. then 20 hats  ….  then new sets of business cards …. then 5000 post cards …  rate cards…  band posters …. more t shirts …  and so on and so forth.


The BT Copy Consumer values now rotates every 10 days or so – Mailed to every homeowner in Charlton, Sturbridge, Oxford –  …  Spencer shortly ..  this is a cost effective way to market you and what you do.  Call Howard or Dennis.

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