We Skipped The June Blog, Too Darn Busy – Here is July and the plan.

In June BT does a fair amount of work for the different schools in the area, then we have the baseball and softball teams.   Then we were launching and growing the Community Values mailer.

Community Values was an idea hatched by Paul’s Garage Door company.  His budget was limited, but he still wanted to have us do something.  Then we took a poll, there were many others who wanted to market themselves more, but finances are always a consideration.

Direct mail is by far the best way to hit a certain marketplace.  We simply designed a flyer that mimics a post card.  It has logos, contact info and is printed on colored glossy paper.  Each piece is mailed directly to every home and business in a market.

The success rate of these “Mailer”  style of marketing, go up and become verifiable when you offer a discount or money back or a “free” something with coupon.

** Remember there is a major difference between advertising and marketing ….. Advertising is specific, an item or a seasonal type promotion, it has a 50/50 shot of working, but no one ever knows unless records are kept.

Marketing on the other hand is 80 to 90% successful.  It is branding and further push of the brand and what you can do and most importantly it is targeted. 


“Marketing is everything and everything is Marketing”     We just started on our next Sturbridge Mailer and announcing the start of the Oxford MA Edition.

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